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  • Reliability
    6.3 / 10
  • Pricing
    5.3 / 10
  • User Friendly
    5.9 / 10
  • Support
    5.3 / 10
  • Features
    5.9 / 10

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Aborio Smith
  • Luotettavuus 10
  • Hinnoittelu 6.0
  • Käytettävyys 8.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 6.0

Terrible service, slow to no support and tech's need training

Käytetty palvelu: VPS - VPS One Managed
Tech's seem to be reading off paper with no troubleshooting skills. Offer "24/7" support but then tell you that your job is not something they understand or have access to and level 2 tech's only work business hours. HOT TIP - Tha...Lue lisää
Julien Vincent
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Incompetent support

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Business Standard
Absolutely dreadful support. My site gets hacked with two new unauthorised users created overnight. The most sophisticated help I get from tech support is help in deleting the new accounts (which was obviously exactly what I did w...Lue lisää
Dom Bat
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Technical suport more like robot support.

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Business Pro
Used to be ok, been with them for over 2 years...tonight total disappointed in the support received and the careless factor and un emotional robot that took my call tonight. I noticed my website was down..? I received a message on...Lue lisää
Chris Firgaira
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Low Quality VPS Servers

Käytetty palvelu: VPS - VPS Two Managed
We have been with Digital Pacific for 7 months, after countless issues we've had to bring on a consultant to review our so called "Managed VPS" system to find out that Digital Pacific made a mistake and provided us 1/3 of a CPU th...Lue lisää
adam alhashedi
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

f*** company!

Käytetty palvelu: VPS
i paid for vps server, i only two days use vps, after that you suspended vps server. i lost my data. when contacted with you, telled me that you want screen shot of my credit card and my passport photo!? why that for you?
i think...Lue lisää
james linsley
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Awful. Bad, unreliable service and so unprofessional. Servers blocked by mail filters for spam

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu
I have used many hosting services globally and these guys have been the worst. The service went down for half a day on 2 separate occasions with no notification (so we were wasting money on advertising driving people to a dead web...Lue lisää
Cam Gould
  • Luotettavuus 6.0
  • Hinnoittelu 6.0
  • Käytettävyys 8.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 6.0

Quality is dropping fast

Käytetty palvelu: Jälleenmyynti
I have noticed that the quality and support at Digital Pacific has been dropping fast over the last year or so. They seem to have employed quite a number of new support staff, who all seem to be incompetent and either unwilling or...Lue lisää


Palvelu Hintaluokka
Jaettu hosting 3,52 € - 16,29 € Katso palvelut
VPS 32,25 € - 122,02 € Katso palvelut
Dedikoitu palvelin 71,10 € - 2 153,78 € Katso palvelut
Palvelut ja hinnat ovat peräisin sivustolta

Digital Pacific – asiantuntija-arvostelu 2018

Kirjoittanut: Michael Lavnduski

Digital Pacific-arvio

  • Luotettavuus
    10 / 10
  • Hinnoittelu
    8 / 10
  • Käytettävyys
    8 / 10
  • Tuki
    9 / 10
  • Ominaisuudet
    9 / 10
Arvosanan arvioinut Michael Lavnduski
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Quality hosting for over a decade

For over 10 years, Digital Pacific has been offering hosting services for individuals, small to medium sized businesses and corporations. They have an emphasis on being green and carbon neutral and showing their commitment to the environment through their sustainable web hosting initiative. They have a strong customer support base in order to provide their quality services. They also have a focus on being green, sustainable, and earth friendly by reducing emissions, paper waste, and recycling as much as possible. They also have a number of socially responsible local and global events they participate in as well.

This company offers reseller hosting, personal and business hosting, and VPS hosting depending on what customers are looking for. They also offer Cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and other add-ons such as SSL certificates and additional upgrades. They also have domain services including registration, hosting, and transfer.

Uptime & Reliability


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

This company claims a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is an excellent uptime. They also offer pro-rated credits to your account if your services is not operation for the guaranteed amount of time on managed dedicated, VPS, and Cloud servers.



Typical hosting options

Digital Pacific has many options in their hosting features with many add-ons and the availability to scale up your services as your needs increase. Domain services include domain renewal, management, registration, and transfer. Hosting plans have personal and small business options that come feature and support loaded for ease of use. Reseller hosting is also offered, and partnered with a number of affiliate programs.

Personal and business hosting plans come with a ton of features including cPanel control panel, email accounts, webmail, ecommerce tools, and programming and development tools.VPS hosting packages come managed or unmanaged with a host of features including server support, virtuozzo control panel, and many downloadable software options. Add-on hosting features for all plans include shopping carts, domain services, account upgrades, SSL certificates, extended support, and hundreds of applications.



3 Hour Responses

Their support is available 24/7 and they have a 3-hour response time guarantee. They prefer the ticketing system in order to track what is needed, but you can call in to their support network as well.



Slightly above average

Personal plans come in yearly subscriptions and start with 1GB of storage space and 10GB of bandwidth a month. Business hosting starts with 25GB of storage space and 100GB of bandwidth a month. These hosting options start at $4.90 a month and package option sizes go up from there depending on your needs. Their basic hosting packages are fairly reasonably priced. There are cheaper options, but you definitely get a ton of features for what you are paying. VPS hosting prices start at $44.90 a month and this is fairly comparable to other VPS hosting services.

Domain services start at $9.95 a year for an Australian based domain, and $14.95 a year for .com or .org domains. These prices are only slightly above average, but not significantly. Many domain registration sites hover around $12-$15 a year. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee for shared personal and business plans as well as for their reseller hosting plans. They have a 10 day money back guarantee for dedicate servers, VPS hosting, and Cloud hosting.


Good hosting from eco-friendly company

Digital Pacific is a very green, eco-friendly hosting company that offers many options to business owners and personal needs. They rely on their customer service in order to give you the best service possible, and have high quality hardware in order to supply a high uptime.


  • 24/7 support
  • Eco-Friendly hosting
  • 99.99% uptime


  • So many hosting options can be confusing
Vieraile sivustolla Digital Pacific Katso palvelut ja hinnoittelu

Digital Pacific-hinnoittelu, -palvelut & -ominaisuudet – 2018

Jaettu hosting

Palvelun nimi Tila Kaistanleveys Sivustojen määrä Hinta
1 GB 10 TB Rajoittamaton 3,52 €
5 GB 20 TB Rajoittamaton 4,62 €
25 GB 100 TB Rajoittamaton 6,96 €
50 GB Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 9,29 €
100 GB Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 12,14 €
150 GB Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 16,29 €


Palvelun nimi Tila Suoritin RAM Käyttöjärjestelmä Hinta
25 GB - 512 Mt 32,25 €
50 GB - 1 GB 46,61 €
75 GB - 2 GB 64,56 €
25 GB - 512 Mt 53,79 €
50 GB - 1 GB 86,11 €
75 GB - 2 GB 122,02 €

Dedikoitujen palvelinten palvelut

Palvelun nimi Tila Suoritin RAM Käyttöjärjestelmä Hinta
146 GB - 4 GB 71,10 €
2.3 TB - 48 GB 344,01 €
Rajoittamaton - 256 GB 1 435,28 €
Rajoittamaton - 512 GB 2 153,78 €
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