GreenGeeks – asiantuntija-arvostelu 2018

Kirjoittanut: Marin Dujic


  • Luotettavuus
    7 / 10
  • Hinnoittelu
    6.5 / 10
  • Käytettävyys
    7 / 10
  • Tuki
    6.5 / 10
  • Ominaisuudet
    10 / 10
Arvosanan arvioinut Marin Dujic

GreenGeeks: Vaikuttavat ominaisuudet kelvolliseen hintaan

GreenGeeks on yksi suosituimmista ympäristöystävällisistä hosting-yrityksistä, ja se paitsi auttaa säilyttämään kauniin luonnon myös sisältää rajoittamattomasti levytilaa, kaistanleveyttä, verkkoalueita, sähköposteja ja MySQL-tietokantamääriä. Se kattaa jaetun, uudelleenmyytävän ja dedikoidun hostingin sekä VPS-hostingin ja sallii joustavan siirtymiseen toiseen suunnitelmaan projektin kasvun myötä. Syitä valita GreenGeeks-hosting-palvelu:

  • 4 hosting-suunnitelmaa
  • Tärkeät rajoittamattomat ominaisuudet
  • Jatkuva asiakastuki
  • Täysin vihreä

Haluatko tietää, onko GreenGeeks sinulle sopiva? Selvitetäänpä...

Uptime & Reliability


Great Uptime, Quick Solutions

GreenGeeks promises 99.99% uptime. Some monitoring systems say their website is up and running 99.98% of time or less. There is two main tools that GreenGeeks uses. First of all, they have up-to-date servers and they can keep your project up and running with their monitoring system that checks your website every 10 seconds in order to prevent long periods of server downtime.



Each and every package has no limits concerning bandwidth, disk storage, hosted domains, MySQL databases, and email accounts. In addition to all the listed features, you'll also get a free website builder, numerous security tools, and great coding support (PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, etc.). If you are planning on monetizing your web project, GreenGeeks is a great choice. First of all, pay attention to their ecommerce pack, which includes 3 shopping carts and SSL Secure Server services. Additionally, you get free credits for marketing and social media promotion.

Feature Description
BandwidthEvery plan by GreenGeeks includes unlimited bandwidth.
Disk SpaceNo limits for disk storage. Sounds great if you want to start something really big.
Website BuilderWith GreenGeeks you will use a convenient drag-and-drop website builder.
Email AccountsUnlimited email accounts and some other mail-related services.
Shopping Carts3 shopping carts included into every package — OS Commerce, Agora, and Zencart.
StatsYou'll get log files and important website stats through the cPanel.
MySQL databasesAnother unlimited feature provided by GreenGeeks.
FTP AccountNo limits again — you will get as many additional FTP accounts as you like.
Multiple DomainsUnlimited domains, subdomains, add-on domains and parked domains.
Control PanelYou will use cPanel, which is one of the most popular and stuffed control panels for easy hosting management.



Any package you can purchase at this company includes great 24/7/365 support via live chat, email and phone (for users in the U.S. & Canada) for free. The agents communicating with you are friendly and ready to help you with anything regarding billing, technical issues or sales. Apart from direct contact, you can learn a lot through the over hundreds of articles and video tutorials that GreenGeeks provides—all contain important points that will help you manage web hosting with higher efficiency.

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Email support
  • CMS Tutorials
  • Live Chat
  • Good self-study materials
  • Phone support is available only for US numbers
  • No blog
  • No forum



Slightly Above Average, but with Appealing Discounts

Prices offered by GreenGeeks are somewhat affordable but still above the market average. You'll get amazing features with many unlimited options included. The pricing policy is quite fair: you get a free domain without high prolongation fees, nothing is pre-ticked for you during the sign-up process, and you have the 30-day money back guarantee. Discounts are available for 2-year and 3-year purchases. Ordering GreenGeeks web hosting service for three years will give you a rebate of almost 50%.

User Friendly


Their website is plain and simple: you don't get any pre-ticked extra-fee services, and you get to work with a really convenient interface. They've operated the services on their site with great convenience through cPanel. You have important services available through a one-click install, popular CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla) included, and even some additional features that will help your website become user-friendly too.


GreenGeeks is an extremely effective and efficient web hosting company. They provide decent uptime, strong features, user-friendly interface and strong 24/7 support. They give you offers of Shared, VPS and Dedicated packages, which will ensure comfortable plan transfers as your project develops. GreenGeeks will also be a great solution for long-term projects as multi-year purchases grant you great discounts. Pros

  • Free setup and lifetime domain name
  • Lots of unlimited features
  • Shared, VPS and Dedicated plans available
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Efficient customers support and self-study materials
  • 100% green energy


  • Standard prices are far above average
  • No blog or forum
  • Difficulty transferring from another host
  • Slow server
  • Difficult cancelleation and billing policies

We had our Secret Shopper compare GreenGreeks to 4 other leading hosting companies to check how easy it is to cancel an account. They have a very good and fast cancellation process. Watch this video to learn more.


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Perustuu 130 arvosteluun 6 kielellä

Asiakkaiden pisteet palveluntarjoajalle GreenGeeks

  • Reliability
    8.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    8.6 / 10
  • User Friendly
    8.6 / 10
  • Support
    8.8 / 10
  • Features
    8.6 / 10

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Francis S.
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  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
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Just Atrocious

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Everything Unlimited
I signed up at the recommendation of a friend and thought I was getting a really good rate for 3 years of service and a free domain. I was extremely disappointed to learn that it was basically a souped-up WordPress hosting account ... Lue lisää
Ghassan Abd
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Dont Believe what they saying ( there is No Hidden 30-Day Money Back Guarantee )

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu
Dont Believe in them when they said (((( No Hidden Fees & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee ))))....they have Hidden Fees.

When i Talked with the live support about 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and they said its full refund...But ... Lue lisää
Cody Goeken
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 6.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 6.0

Reliable Hosting, Poor Customer Service

Käytetty palvelu: Jälleenmyynti
The product itself is fine, but once I decided to cancel my hosting service with them they wouldn't let me. I put in a cancel request 16 days ago and they never canceled my service instead they charged me for another billing cycle ... Lue lisää
Tonya Tyler
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Unbelievable Process to Cancel

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Everything Unlimited
I had service but ended up not making time to use it...I never built a site through them. So when my renewal came up, I sent a request to cancel. They sent an email offering half price but apparently wanted me to confirm that I re ... Lue lisää
Eric Black
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 8.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Run Very Far Away

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Everything Unlimited
As a business that regularly sends scanned copies of contracts, you'll find their service lacking. Often pdfs are over 10MB, and GreenGeeks has a hard limit. (This is lower than ALL free services) I submitted a request to have the ... Lue lisää
Greg Borger
  • Luotettavuus 10
  • Hinnoittelu 10
  • Käytettävyys 10
  • Tuki 10
  • Ominaisuudet 10

Fantastic Service

Käytetty palvelu: Dedikoitu palvelin - STANDARD SERVER
Our company has been with GreenGeeks for over 5 years now and we extremely pleased. Fantastic customer service 24-7, always willing to help and answer all our questions. Very reasonable pricing as well. Highly recommended.
Greg - ... Lue lisää
Mary R
  • Luotettavuus 10
  • Hinnoittelu 8.0
  • Käytettävyys 8.0
  • Tuki 10
  • Ominaisuudet 10

Fantastic Customer Service!

Käytetty palvelu: Jälleenmyynti
We've been a customer of Green Geeks for several years, both for our own site and as a reseller. The customer service is terrific! I can chat quickly with an agent and have never waited more than a minute or two. My problem is eit ... Lue lisää


Palvelu Hintaluokka
Jaettu hosting 3,36 € Katso palvelut
VPS 33,94 € - 135,90 € Katso palvelut
Dedikoitu palvelin 143,59 € - 373,00 € Katso palvelut
Palvelut ja hinnat ovat peräisin sivustolta

GreenGeeks-hinnoittelu, -palvelut & -ominaisuudet – 2018

Jaettu hosting

Palvelun nimi Tila Kaistanleveys Sivustojen määrä Hinta Score
Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 3,36 € 5.2


Palvelun nimi Tila Suoritin RAM Käyttöjärjestelmä Hinta Score
25 GB 4 ydintä 1 GB 33,94 € 2.0
50 GB 4 ydintä 2 GB 50,94 € 8.7
75 GB 4 ydintä 3 GB 67,93 € 8.7
100 GB 4 ydintä 4 GB 84,92 € 8.7
125 GB 4 ydintä 8 GB 135,90 € 8.7

Dedikoitujen palvelinten palvelut

Palvelun nimi Tila Suoritin RAM Käyttöjärjestelmä Hinta Score
500 GB 2 x 1.60GHz 2 GB 143,59 € 8.7
1000 GB 4 x 3.10GHz 4 GB 228,56 € 10
1000 GB 4 x 3.20GHz 8 GB 271,04 € 8.7
1000 GB 6 x 2.00GHz 16 GB 373,00 € 10
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