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  • Luotettavuus
    8.2 / 10
  • Hinnoittelu
    8.0 / 10
  • Käytettävyys
    8.2 / 10
  • Tuki
    8.2 / 10
  • Ominaisuudet
    8.2 / 10

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Palvelu Hintaluokka
Shared Hosting 0,22 € - 2,22 € Katso palvelut
Cloud Hosting 11,11 € - 67,67 € Katso palvelut
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INTELHOST Solucoes Internet – asiantuntija-arvostelu 2019

Kirjoittanut: Michael Lavnduski

INTELHOST Solucoes Internet-arvio

  • Luotettavuus
    8 / 10
  • Hinnoittelu
    9.5 / 10
  • Käytettävyys
    9 / 10
  • Tuki
    8.5 / 10
  • Ominaisuudet
    9 / 10
Arvosanan arvioinut Michael Lavnduski
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Expert Overview

Reasonable Hosting with Global Locations

IntelHost is a web services company based out of Brazil. They have datacenters located in Brazil, Argentina, and the United States in order to create a larger clientele base and offer many services to meet many customers’ needs. They offer mainly shared hosting and reseller hosting options in order to support their customer’s focus. Shared hosting, reseller hosting, and master reseller hosting are the hosting options offered. Domain services, SSL certificates, and other web solutions are available. They have many applications available for install in addition to plenty of already created web pages for clients to get their sites up and running and soon as possible.

Uptime & Reliability

Only a 99.5% Uptime Guarantee

This company has a 99.5% uptime minimum for all of their hosting options. A quick search through their site does not seem to warrant any complaints from customers regarding their uptime availability.


Lots of nice features available

United States hosting plans start with 60GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, cPanel 11, 1 domain, and unlimited email accounts. Plan options go up from there depending on what you or the customer are looking for. Plans also include many builder sites for website creation, antivirus protection, Softaculous installer for 300+ applications and downloads, and ConfigServer Security and Firewall security. Reseller hosting starts with 100GB of space, 300GB of bandwidth, 20 domains, and a number of unlimited features. They say it is a great plan for beginners, and their larger plans are reflective of higher customer needs.  Master reseller hosting is also available and those plans start with 90GB of disk space and 300GB of bandwidth. These are very large plans available for customers seeking this much power.

Domain services are also available including registering, transfer, and renewal. Domain services also come with a number of free features such as DNS management, free email accounts and forwarding, many tools, and an easy to use control panel. Intelhost also has many different SSL certificates depending on what you are looking for, for your hosting requirements. They also have a few web services including builder sites and software, different installers, advanced hosting, and different reseller panels you may add to your services.


Fairly typical support options

Intelhost offers 24/7 ticketing technical support through the client portal area. They also have sales support during regular business hours during the week in which you can call for all sales questions. There also is what seems to be an extensive knowledgebase for any quick reference questions.


Very affordable hosting

Shared hosting options are very inexpensive, starting at $0.80 a month after being converted from Brazilian Reals. This is very inexpensive hosting for the features offered and package sizes. Reseller hosting packages start around $6US a month and increase from there depending on customer needs. They also offer master reseller hosting and plans start around $9US a month. Domain pricing starts around $13 a year for a .com address, and varies a bit from there depending on the domain type you are looking for. Many of their additional service options come on a consult basis.


Good hosting option to consider

IntelHost is a very involved web hosting company that offers more than just web hosting services. Their web design and marketing services seem to be very thorough in what they offer, and all of their services are priced fairly reasonably. They are based out of Brazil and Argentina, but have some US based servers in what seems to be an attempt at creating a larger global market. Pricing is reasonable, and plan and service options are very thorough in what they offer.


  • Lots of different features available
  • 24/7 Tech support
  • Low Prices
  • Data centers in multiple locations around the world


  • No live chat support
  • Some of the options are confusing
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INTELHOST Solucoes Internet-hinnoittelu, -palvelut & -ominaisuudet – 2019

Jaettu hosting

Palvelun nimi Tila Kaistanleveys Hinta Score
40 GB 100 TB 0,22 € 8.2
60 GB Rajoittamaton 0,33 € 8.2
90 GB Rajoittamaton 0,68 € 8.2
120 GB Rajoittamaton 0,85 € 8.2
Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 1,28 € 8.2
Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 1,88 € 8.2
Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 2,22 € 8.2


Palvelun nimi Tila RAM Kaistanleveys Hinta Score
100 GB 4 GB Rajoittamaton 11,11 € 8.2
200 GB 8 GB Rajoittamaton 17,11 € 8.2
80 GB 4 GB Rajoittamaton 24,89 € 8.2
300 GB 16 GB Rajoittamaton 25,66 € 8.2
140 GB 8.7 GB Rajoittamaton 42,00 € 8.2
250 GB 16 GB Rajoittamaton 67,67 € 8.2

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Sao Paulo Trenton

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