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  • Reliability
    2.7 / 10
  • Pricing
    2.6 / 10
  • User Friendly
    2.4 / 10
  • Support
    2.4 / 10
  • Features
    2.5 / 10

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Anne P
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 4.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

The worst company

Käytetty palvelu: Pilvi - Business+
I logged into my account to add an SSL certificate to my website. Clicked on the appropriate area where it brought up 4 options, the cheapest being $49.95 and the most expensive $199. I don't sell online so I new a basic service w...Lue lisää
Lauren W
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Terrible Service

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu
DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. Worst domain company I have ever experienced. They took money out of my account without asking me adding up to a total of $400 that I know of, for old domains that they said were set to auto renewal when I...Lue lisää
user avatar
Terrible service, steal money! I had similar experience
Peter Jones
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Terrible, Terrible

Käytetty palvelu: VPS - VPS Cloud 8
They moved our server without telling us and simply switched it off. No warning. We had to be on hold to their foreign support people for hours with no decent response. And the phone people were just on live chat to the actual server people and hoping someone might respond to them!
Jodi O
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Netregistry - giving away private information

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Basic
Please do not use Netregistry.

I joined Netregistry to purchase a Domain - that same day I was contacted ON MY PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER constantly by third parties wishing to 'build my website' that I don't want. So they are sharing my private information, hate to think about credit card numbers
Romane Takkenberg
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 2.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 2.0

Most appalling and incompetent customer service I've ever had to deal with

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Basic
I was with Planet Domain. Their service I found good. Then Netregistry bought them out. From there, forget about customer service.

Now, at this point, I have been involved in a debacle that would be very very simply solved - th...Lue lisää
Leo Kalas
  • Luotettavuus 2.0
  • Hinnoittelu 8.0
  • Käytettävyys 2.0
  • Tuki 2.0
  • Ominaisuudet 6.0

Netregistry - Credit Card and Billing Process- illegal

Käytetty palvelu: Jaettu - Basic
We ordered an Email.
It was cancelled because Netregistry could not complete the process.
There was no Invoice and I was told we were not billed.
They still charged a credit card.
On the phone for over 20 Minutes to an oversea...Lue lisää


Palvelu Hintaluokka
Jaettu hosting 5,84 € - 14,64 € Katso palvelut
VPS 110,09 € - 242,21 € Katso palvelut
Pilvihosting 9,50 € - 17,58 € Katso palvelut
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Netregistry – asiantuntija-arvostelu 2018

Kirjoittanut: Michael Lavnduski


  • Luotettavuus
    9.5 / 10
  • Hinnoittelu
    7 / 10
  • Käytettävyys
    9 / 10
  • Tuki
    9 / 10
  • Ominaisuudet
    9 / 10
Arvosanan arvioinut Michael Lavnduski
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Very Well Established Australian Hosting

NetRegistry has been in business since 1997 serving customers in Australia and around the world.  They claim that they have helped over 500,000 Australian businesses get online, which is quite an impressive number.  Of course, not all of them will still be with the company, but none the less it shows that they have the expereince needed to get the job done.

They offer a variety of services including web hosting, domain registration, website creation and more.  They also offer hosting options to meet most anyone's needs.  Their website is well designed and easy to navigate to find exactly what you need.  As I looked through what existing and previous customers had to say about the company it was clear that most people are quite happy with them, which is always a good sign.

Uptime & Reliability


Very Stable Hosting

This is one of the strong points with this company.  They do keep your sites up and running at all times.  This is partly because of the fact that they incorporate cloud technologies into most of their hosting solutions and also because they use proven hardware configurations to avoid unnecessary downtime.

They have a 99.9%  uptime guarantee, which is fairly standard for hosting, but from what I have been able to gather, they really have a much higher level of stability for their customers.  They also have a 30 day money back guarantee in case you aren't happy with them for any reason.



Good Quality Features

You'll have access to a variety of different hosting solutions when you sign up with this company.  They have cloud hosting that is quite affordable.  With the cloud options you can start at an entry level option that still has more than enough for just about any site.  They then expand the features for business and enterprise level hosting.

If you are looking for shared options, their cPanel based hosting is a great option to consider.  This option starts with 5 gigs of storage and 10 gigs of bandwidth, which is enough for most sites.  You can then grow your features from there based on your needs.  Their premium solution has 50 gigs of storage and unlimited data transfer.

Their VPS products are on the higher end, and the prices reflect this.  The VPS solutions do take advantage of the cloud technologies as well, which can ensure added reliability and other benefits.  The entry level package has 1 gig of RAM, 2 CPU cores and 1 IP address included, along with all the other normal features.  As you move up you can get more RAM, processors and IPs as they are needed.



Great Tech Support

The tech support team with this company is very good.  They reply to tickets or live chat right away and have the skills and expertise to solve basically any problem.  They also have a page dedicated to letting people know of potential problems, which is always nice.  The site does have some documentation and other self-help style information so that you can learn more and avoid problems too.



Pricing Seems a Little High

The pricing from this company is higher than what I would expect for the features you get.  For example, their VPS 1 package is $149.99 per month.  For just one gig of RAM and 2 CPUs, that is a little out of line with the competition.  Of course, their service and reputation is quite good, but still, that price is significantly higher than would I would expect.  If they are offering something significant that can justify that price, they really haven't made it clear.

Even with their shared hosting services you will pay more than would normally be expected.  It is about $8 per month for an entry level hosting option.  Other companies charge close to half that, which can add up over time.


Good Hosting for a Price

The hosting with this company is quite good.  They use high end hardware and great support systems.  Most of their customers seem very happy with the overall level of service they are getting.  For companies that need a good quality host and price is not too much of a concern, this is a nice options.


  • Very reliable
  • Good Tech Support
  • Lots of hosting options


  • The Prices are very high
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Netregistry-hinnoittelu, -palvelut & -ominaisuudet – 2018

Jaettu hosting

Palvelun nimi Tila Kaistanleveys Sivustojen määrä Hinta Score
5 GB 10 TB Rajoittamaton 5,84 € 2.3
20 GB 20 TB Rajoittamaton 9,50 € 2.0
50 GB Rajoittamaton Rajoittamaton 14,64 € 2.5


Palvelun nimi Tila Suoritin RAM Käyttöjärjestelmä Hinta Score
200 GB 2 ydintä 1 GB 110,09 € 2.5
200 GB 2 ydintä 2 GB 176,16 € 2.5
200 GB 4 ydintä 4 GB 198,17 € 2.5
200 GB 4 ydintä 8 GB 242,21 € 2.0


Palvelun nimi Tila Suoritin RAM Kaistanleveys Hinta Score
100 GB - 0 B Rajoittamaton 9,50 € 2.0
200 GB - 0 B Rajoittamaton 11,71 € 2.2
500 GB - 0 B Rajoittamaton 17,58 € 2.5

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