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    8.8 / 10
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    8.8 / 10
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    8.8 / 10
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Marek Havlik
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Very simple

Käytetty palvelu: Verkkosivun Rakentaja
I wasn't sure how much effort I would have to put into making my own website. I tried a few different website builders, and while some of them are really easy to use, the results look very generic. With Webnode though I found some...Lue lisää


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Jaettu hosting 5,13 € - 17,21 € Katso palvelut
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Webnode – asiantuntija-arvostelu 2018

Kirjoittanut: Michael Lavnduski


  • Luotettavuus
    8.5 / 10
  • Hinnoittelu
    7.5 / 10
  • Käytettävyys
    8 / 10
  • Tuki
    9.5 / 10
  • Ominaisuudet
    8 / 10
Arvosanan arvioinut Michael Lavnduski
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Simple Website Creation & Hosting

Webnode is primarily a website creation tool that lets people build a nice looking site, even if they have little or no technical experience.  Along with the website creation tools, you also get hosting on their servers.  This can make it somewhat difficult to determine how good the pricing is and things like that since you are paying both for hosting and all the tools and support you get. Overall, however, this seems to be a very nice company that is meeting the needs of a very large audience.

They say they have helped create over 22 million websites for their users, which is certainly significant.  One really nice thing about this company is that their sites actually look and function quite nicely.  Some simple website building tools don't do such a good job, but Webnode seems to have gotten it right.

Uptime & Reliability


Very Stable Hosting

Your site will be very stable when working with this company. They have done a good job at creating reliable hosting for all their users.  While you won't be on the fastest servers around, they will certainly get the job done.  You also don't have to worry about tech support or anything like that since that is one of the main perks of going with this company.  They will monitor the servers and speeds and everything else to help ensure you get a great experience.



Simple Website Creation

When you sign up with this company you will be given full access to all their tools and support to create a website. They have done a great job at making it easier than ever to create nice looking sites.  They even look nice on mobile devices, which is very important these days.  They have three levels of hosting, each with three package options.  Unfortunately, they don't list them as shared, VPS or cloud or anything like that so it is really hard to figure out exactly what you are getting in terms of hosting.

The entry level personal website comes with just 300 megs of disk space, 3 gigs of bandwidth and 1 mail box.  This goes up to 4 gigs of storage, unlimited bandwidth and 100 mailboxes for the highest level personal package. When you move up to the business website section you will get 500-5000 megs of disk space, which will be enough for most small companies. You can also opt for the online store level, which allows 300 to 4000 mb of disk space,

Overall, these are fairly simple hosting packages and are most likely just different levels of shared hosting.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing since they don't seem to oversell servers or anything like that.  Most people appear to be happy with the level of service they are getting.



Great Support

The support from this company is quite good whether you need technical assistance or just advice on making your site.  They can also help you to choose the right package based on your specific needs.  From beginning to end, they have made running a website very easy for anyone who is interested.  There isn't much for technical documentation on the hosting, but that wouldn't really be expected with a company like this.



Surprisingly Reasonable Prices

While there is no doubt that this company's hosting is more expensive than most others, you do get a lot of nice features along with it.  Their users are going to be paying more for the website creation tools and things like that than just the hosting.  The prices start at $6.95 per month for an entry level personal site and go all the way up to $49.95 per month.  The higher end packages include credit card processing services too, so that is something to keep in mind. They also sell domain names, but those are significantly more expensive than the average domain name registration company sells for.  A .com address is $18.95 for one year.  Normally you can get them for around $12, and sometimes much less with sales.

User Friendly


Exceptional User Experience

This is one area where Webnode really stands out from anyone else.  The whole business model is built around helping customers who don't know much about web hosting get their sites up and running easily, and they do a good job at it.  They offer premium support not only for the hosting but for their site creation tools as well. All their tools are also very easy to figure out and use.


Nice Hosting for Entry Level People

While this is certainly not the ideal hosting company for someone who needs high end hosting or likes to manage every aspect of their site, it is great for those without much experience.  The company does a great job at bringing the ability to make a website to a level that anyone can understand, which is a great service.


  • Simple to use
  • Friendly Support Staff
  • Quality Tools


  • Prices
  • No higher end hosting options


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Webnode-hinnoittelu, -palvelut & -ominaisuudet – 2018

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